The most beautiful feeling - Love

Erasmo Shallkytton

I´m sometimes no words
When I hear from your lips
the most beautiful expressions of the heart.
You are the blue of my life
and the birthplace of my worship.
It´s true. Our love is infinite
is like the waves of the sea
never ending.
Sandra, when I look at your eyes
and feel the warmth of our love
Everything is happiness, Sandra
which turns this union.
I´m your love in every moment
And every day, is born with the sun my love
Living in your heart at every instant
You are a flower that lives in my garden
The most beautiful  of my constellation rose petal

Fragrant and wonderful, it's you
That shines in my heart.

Sandra Rodriges

My love for you is an endless love.
Always, like an ocean waves
rolls over inside my heart
You are always in my heart and soul
and bridged the cap between the ocean
My time can not be limited for your love
because I have endless love for you
Your love has a hold on me is magically beyond imagination
that brings me the most precious gift of love
I always think of you day and night
and can not be forgotten your sight that gives me pride
When my soul rapture as you embrace me
then my love travel like a ray of light in your heart
My heart and your soul are connected with strong love
and it makes us good ingredients of happiness
No words I can write and say, how much I miss you
and how much you are mean to me
Always, I want to share all my love with you
because I found in you my endless love.


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