The life of man is not just of war

Life comes in the blink of an eye
It really is a brilliant magic
You fight to mark presence
Every day of your life
Stepping on the ground
With many hopes.

Other people are born and grow
They modify the status
They change the whole planet
But, don't avoid the war
And sell hunger as a trophy.

Poor men, malicious men
Scattered in the great planet
Looking for new inventions
Perverse and capitalist system
In the hands of the great empire.

Nobody makes protests against wars
No one satisfies the hunger, nor love
However, they grow in joy, and then with hate
And also, they create deadly artifacts
Only to end up with the man himself.

Wars, wars and millions of rebels
Armies, weapons and militias scattered among us
Everything with the name: Power and Money
US - Government interests
In search of the misery of weaker (colonization).

Life goes by, they don't stay in power
Other rebels emerge with the seed of evil
They say they have the best democracy in the universe
Power, Empire, Colonization and Oppression
Generates more war and millions of corruptions.

They end up with their own dwelling - Planet Earth
The power of some nations in the hands of rebels
They dream of living on Mars. Perhaps far!
Living on Mars or reside in the tail of a comet
The man still does not know what he wants. Peace or war.

Even your friends and strong allies
Not escape the great espionage
Friends and good brothers in false camaraderie
Spreading terror everywhere
It's the greatest nation on earth - willing to kill.

Everything is copied, spoofed, listened and manipulated
In the terrifying jaws of huge Eagle
Only now the world woke up, so late
He is capable of anything until the war of prevention.
Without compassion. claim to always save the civilians.

Invade and how invaded Babylon - Iraq
Dragged the hatred in the Arab world to reap lives
Ended up with the great dictator Saddam Hussein
And then created the Arab spring with protests
To extinguish of the planet, all dictators
That flew in the great American Eagle.

Destroyed the entire Afghanistan
Shortened all the dreams of Afghans
With the actual spoken - democracy
Today, the Eagle doesn't matter there fly
Leaving the stick breaking in the war for power.

They ended Libya's, Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi
And dismantled the power of Hosni Mubarak
All nations are experiencing a true chaos
Still speak in political transition in turmoil
And soon there will be the taste of peace.

The eagle had not the courage to invade Syria
In trying to create military bases
The eagle if trembled to observe the great belt
Among the lands of the Mediterranean Sea and the sky,
Where Russia and Iran share good friendships.

But, challenged a major escalation in the region
Helping small nations in hiring
Men of all races in the invasion
Groups and factions strengthened by money
Spreading an attempt to overthrow Bashar al-Assad.

They thought be so easy
End all dictators not friends
And when civil war comes to an end in Syria?
Europe is going to be full of suicide bombers
New factions and groups with new visions.

This can all be resolved now
If they will use the real gun - Love
It's never too late to have peace
We will employ the love in pursuit of peace.



Enviado por ERASMO SHALLKYTTON em 03/02/2014
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