We are two stars in boiling

Listen to me! Even if it's the last time
Between the journeys of my stations
And can you hear me?
I just want to speak my expressions
Which is wrapped in this blue mantle
Transforming the feeling into a thousand emotions
Makes my heart a globe
Yes. It's exactly a wish
The sea with beautiful waves at the edges
Perhaps a garden of gallant first fruits
Extending nicely my desire
It's all I can be to you.
Know that love will always be presente.

Don't forget about me. Please!
You live inside me. I feel it
It's not easy to say in short phrases
How much I love you and want you
But, I can get through the heat of kisses
Navigating the ocean of your body
Kissing your sweet lips at the station
And I can prove my love
In outer space of all feelings
So deep that I can not measure
And so little to see the details
Only to feel, to feel this affection
Beating, beating inside the hearts.

My unforgettable love, I love you
Please! Come into my arms
Release the beautiful hair
Let drop in my hands
I hug your majestic body
Come live these pleasant moments
Dance with me this magic song
Listen! It's a drag this song!
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You
Hold my right hand
To have balance, agility and rhythm
Stir your hips and arms
You enchant me with circular motions.

How wonderful you are at this dance!
I get lost in your thoughts
And my soul penetrates into your body
On the pulse of melodic compass
You feel happiness and joy
Shaking his long hair
I see my enchanted goddess
Swinging ceaselessly in the magic touch
It is the purity of our feelings
In union advancing in our destinations
Marked in my presence
We are two stars in boiling
Loving in every season of love.

Enviado por ERASMO SHALLKYTTON em 27/01/2017
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