I do not see the hours nor the time

I do not see the hours or the time
My heart beats for you
In the dawn sparkling and cold
Sweetness invades the heavens, I'm leaving.

Two thoughts, bodies and faces
They mature on the floor of endless love
In the diminutive of the era in several links
Adorned with a flower and jasmine.

Behind the beloved and enchanted link
Observe the sun and also the stars
That our will is too much
Seizing the hours with dexterity.

Neither the rain nor the sun separates us
From this indissoluble and loving compound
Hallucinated to the ears that aspire
A longing to speak with a beautiful smile.

You can't control or mark
The impulses that shade a passion
When I am near you, I will dream
Embarking our desires without fiction.

I'll wait in the mountains, in the squares
My love will come soon
I'm taking in the abstract and love for free
Shoot down the minutes lost, without explaining.

I don't know what is this impossible love
Crossing the present into my future
Marking at every moment, the indivisible
Despair, agony of the moment premature.

Nobody knows and no one will know
That I love you in the silence of your eyes
Tasting between hugs and kisses to have
The most favorable solution without blinders.

I'm going out in the dark and hear anything
I need to feel your presence which makes me happy
That touches within my soul is more costly
They are wonders of a cupid that I have always done to you.

There will be no windows, no bars and no chains
That will break the stumbling blocks of love for me
All your cupid tests are gleaming
They make pacts, and stain them like satin.

I'll wait for you in the same place
Even if they don't come, there will be
Savoring the past that will never end
As nobody out there will see me.

I am nothing, I only have value in your spirit
Only your lips and your body seduce me
And I see that I am your swordsman
Guarding in the cosmic, our home they shine.

We can not write gently in the stories
Perpetrated in the quiet eyes of quiet
In crazy feelings of wanting more
Mirroring in our wills only our desire.

Enviado por ERASMO SHALLKYTTON em 28/02/2017
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