Colliding inside your heart

My love, look at the starry sky
Let's go! Let's enjoy the dimensions of love
Do not look back
Advance the first step in this flash back
Voyage voyage, is to feel inside the soul
Forget the news, the images of the mind
Let's sweeten the time.
No, there will be no nuclear explosion on earth
They are only blackmail of nuclear wars
Conflicts, words, actions with demonstrations of forces
Mankind has never learned the lesson of life
Just this, no one wants a nuclear war
So let's savor the whole starry night.

I can show you my great love
Between the dimensions of the endless space
If love is great between you and me
We can both collide our heavenly bodies
After all, we are the merger of two neutron stars
Look! My love! It will be the greatest illumination of the universe
We will be hotter than the sun
And our love will never end
After all, you and I are two gamma rays
Our gravitational waves is our life
So let's turn, turn and spin
Dancing this melody to distort space-time
And our orbit will be the craziest thing in the cosmic.

I love you, my great love
And my atomic mass will be your only flesh
Rotating, rotating at 3,000 times per second
We are the union of all time
We'll make one more black hole in the cosmic
In the creation of another solar system
You and I, we are the new light of the cosmic empire
Let's dance more - Voyage voyage
This is how I love you
I float on the geometry of your heart
Renewing more life
I am the same matter in your love
With a flash back in your heart.

Enviado por ERASMO SHALLKYTTON em 20/10/2017
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